Serenity Bottle - Green


Serenity Bottle - Green

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Classic form with an updated purpose.  This listing is for a make-your-own Retreat Kit using the green Serenity bottle.  Combine up to four items to create a custom kit for you or to send as a gift.  Because each bottle is made from recycled glass, variation in color and density may occur from bottle to bottle.  We try our best to ensure that the colors are accurately represented in each photo, but variety is, after all, the spice of life!

Please be sure the scents of your Dead Sea Bath Salts and your candle are the same; we're not able to mix and match at this time!

Dead Sea Bath Salts - Scent:
Tea Light Holder Finish:
Tea Light Candle - Scent:
Water Beads:
Oil Wick:
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Create your own Retreat Kit!  You'll receive a beautiful gift box filled with exactly what you need to relax.  Combine one of our bottles with up to four additional items to customize your own home retreat.

  • Bottle + 1 Accessory: $29.99
  • Bottle + 2 Accessories: $32.99
  • Bottle + 3 Accessories: $37.99
  • Bottle + 4 Accessories: $39.99