What is a Retreat Kit?

We have limited edition bottles available to order with everything you need for the full spa experience all in one box.  You'll receive a beautiful art glass bottle (embellished with a medallion, of course), along with an oil wick, a tea light holder, scented (or unscented!) Dead Sea Bath Salts, and fun water beads.  All you'll need after that is a steam room.  And maybe some hot stones.  And a masseuse.  


Can I order multiple Dead Sea Bath Salts or tea candle scents in one kit?

Unfortunately, no, not at this time.  We do have our Dead Sea Bath Salts available to order separately, though, so be sure to check them out on our Bottles & Accessories page.


Can I design my own bottle?

Right now, no.  We love your feedback, though, so if we hear enough requests for this option, who's to say?  We might make it a possibility!