Jody O'Rourke

My simple message is to take 20 minutes a day and make them just for you.  In the hectic day to day that we all experience, why not snuggle down with a book and a hot bath and retreat into a rejuvenating calm?

I'm a mother, a business owner, a citizen of two countries, and obviously a very busy woman.  As an avid reader of quotes and a collector of art glass, I found inspiration.  These two things not only inspire me, but they also bring joy and beauty into my daily life.  With Beauty Beyond Form, I have created a functional art glass bottle that is beautiful on its own, but that can be repurposed again and again to provide years of enjoyment. 

Evelyn Jocson

I love making updates to my personal space that encourage calmness, enhance restfulness, and that look pretty, too.  Our recycled glass bottles brighten my day every time I see them, and I'm so excited to be able to share them with you!

Born and raised in northern Illinois, I have a husband, two sons, and a passion for reading...and sometimes cooking.  I've been busily helping Jody with Beauty Beyond Form for the past three years, and it's been great to have an excuse to set aside time to relax with a bath or a book. (It's research!)

Meghan McCreary

When I was in college, I studied Art and French and then made my way out into the world to see where those things would get me.  I went from the Chicago suburbs to Paris, back to Chicago, down to San Antonio, and now I'm back home in the 'burbs letting my creativity fly and helping Jody and Evelyn with Beauty Beyond Form.  

Here is where I get to help spread the message that making time (and space!) to relax should be a priority.   To make your space beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful, all you need are the right accessories: that's where Beauty Beyond Form comes in.